Program Overview

‚ÄčHoly Cross Preschool

Offering morning preschool with extended care options

We are a play based program that gives children an academic foundation built on sensory exploration, manipulative use, and gross motor experiences. We encourage and motivate our students by understanding their unique interests and appealing to their individual developmental levels.

We are currently accepting applications. Contact us to set up a tour anytime. Best times for tours are between 12:30pm and 2:30pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.


Handwriting Without Tears       

HWT Three year olds:

Introduced to the Manipulative portion of the program with tools like: Wood pieces, Mat Man, Tag Bags, Sound Around Box, Stamp and Screen, Roll-a-Dough, Letter and Number cards and some great music. Older threes or fours that show interest and writing readiness skills will be introduced to some “Get Set For School” practice writing pages.

HWT Pre-K Program:

The Pre-k students are reintroduced to the manipulatives they began using in our three-year-old program. Very quickly they will move on to the “Get Set For School” Workbook.  Last year HWT introduced an additional resource called “Kindergarten Kick Start”, which we will be including in our program this year. 

Learning Trays:

In our classrooms each teacher has created a learning center full of individual activities. The children are given specific times during their day to choose trays that reflect their interests or teachers guide the students selection based on academic needs.